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After 8 years of solar success, 112 built solar installations, 7.4 MW power produced, over 6,500 tons of avoided CO2 emissions per year, and annual savings in excess of $800,000 in electricity costs, in 2017 Black Rock Solar rebranded as Black Rock Labs. Black Rock Labs extends the work of Black Rock Solar to include intelligent energy, water, habitat, and waste solutions. Black Rock Labs will multiply the BRS model to create thousands of Black Rock Solar-like organizations aimed at solving the obstacles of healthy living in a leave-no-trace community environment and bridging those solutions into scalable world-changing organizations. Black Rock Labs is creating a platform for Burners to share and develop ideas, facilitate interested teams to coalesce and emerge, and network with the braintrust of the Burning Man community at large. For more info, visit the Everywhere Pavilion on playa located at approximately 6:35 and Esplanade.