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What We Are Already Doing

Going to Burning Man? Believe in leaving no trace?

IDEATE, Black Rock Labs, and Friends have organized a Carbon Offset program for travels to/from, and at Burning Man 2017. The average carbon footprint for an individual attending Burning Man is 1,400 lbs of carbon. The carbon offsets are going to install efficient cookstoves in rural Zambian households that will generate an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions reductions and reducing deforestation and exposure to pollutants.

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Black Rock Labs Energy Fleet One: Will Power, Share Energy

Some Black Rock Labs volunteers have wrangled Black Rock Solar materials into solar & storage energy systems being packaged for year-round use by the Burning Man community and beyond for events in the Bay Area. Interested in sharing renewable energy systems on and off playa?

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What’s Your Power?

Black Rock Labs will be at Everywhere asking Burners about generator use at your camp. Don’t know? We’ll figure it out together with hand gestures. The Energy Map is the first digital step to helping energy sharing between camps. Our goal is to make the Energy Map an interactive layer of the MOOP Map. Email us to add your generator information to the Energy Map.

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We’re Here to Help

We can help any event, BRC or regional, with scientific opinion and analytic insights. Like to contribute to the environmental and regulatory hive mind? Does your regional event conduct environmental analysis or reports, formal or informal? Join the conversation. If you have experience or interest in environmental analytics, statistics, measurements, and reporting, we’d like to hear from you.

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